Membership Levels

You may start your own Giving Cycle today by joining one of the 4 membership levels we have listed here. We have chosen the HONOR SYSTEM regarding memberships. It is set up to be a fair and balanced way to benefit all of our members.

Note: Application and Membership fees are non-refundable.

Basic-Basic Membership –  $12 annually – that’s just $1.00 per month with these benefit:  This is our “Just Checking it Out”  membership.

  • Be Social with your friends, family and your social contacts knowing you are on a Secure and Private platform.
  • Create your own profile. Invite all your friends and contacts to a Social Platform that Pays You when you do so, Only one social profile per person allowed.
  • Secure Settings Area. 2 step ID minimum.
  • TheGivingCycle is “THE SOCIAL THAT PAYS” you, all while on a more secure and private platform. See that SHARING DOES PAY when you and others enjoy being Social, Shopping, Learning or just plain having FUN.
  • ENJOY SHOPPING discounts from businesses that know that GIVING you discounts will benefit them too.
  • Able to share with us: What are your interests, what would you like to see on our platform, what items or services are you considering in purchasing.
  • Able to participate, voting on issues we submit to our members.
  • Know that you too are helping in making a difference.

FULL ACCESS – Monthly Membership –  $10 per month  

The Full Access monthly memberships are for Students, Retirees, Disabled, Temporary Employed, Unemployed or individuals and families making less than $40k per year.

  • All The Above Benefits Plus:
  • Having full access to social posting, sharing, blogs, groups, and shopping. 
  • Choose 2 – 5 Non-Profits (of your choice) that you will be sharing with on purchases you make. Must choose within 60 days of your first purchase.
  • CREATE A PROFESSIONAL PROFILE – Great for job-seeking and networking. When you want to show the more serious side of you.
  • Being able to participate in our Member Pool sharing of monthly payouts. Must make one purchase every 3 months to qualify for 100% payout of members sharing pool. 25% deduction for every quarter missed in making a purchase. *Read about our terms and conditions regarding our payout rules for members Power Pool and group payouts.
  • Receive instant payouts, discounts, and bonuses when offered.
  • Access to Benefits we offer our members. Some will be free or discounted to all of our members who are part of FULL Access, GOLD Standard, and VICTORY memberships.
  • Access to Prayer line, and the TGC help center.
  • View our Quarterly – Transparency Progress Report.
  • Save 25% on shipping charges when Free shipping is not included on purchases made.
  • Know that you are making a BIG difference in creating positive change.
  • GOLD STANDARD – Membership – Option A ($20 min. per mo.)  All The Above Benefits of Full Access, Plus – Free Shipping. 
  • GOLD STANDARD – Membership – Option B Maximum Impact for Social Change: Name your own price ($25 min. mo.) All the above benefits plus,
  • You will receive – Life Time Price Freeze, 7th Year- Free Membership, Waiver of December’s Payment,  OR choose
  • GOLD STANDARD – Membership – Option C Income-based choice: To calculate your suggested monthly membership payment.  example: take 1 weeks net pay and divide it by 12. Round up or down to the nearest dollar. Your suggested monthly payment. This will allow for Making a Real Difference for you, your family, community and our nation.
  • All the benefits of Option B 
  • Access to interest-based Groups
  • Participation in our Members Power Pool sharing of monthly payouts.  Automatically qualify for 100% payout of monthly members sharing pool. *Read about our terms and conditions regarding our payout rules for members pool and group payouts.
  • Participation in Group Payout Pools, based on the type of purchase made and rules pertaining to such group(s) purchases.
  • Create Your Own Store via our application approval process.
  • Can upgrade to a business, non-profit, association account via our application’s approval process.
  • Know that you are making a BIG difference – YOU CARE and are Willing & Able to SHARE. 

VICTORY – Memberships for Non-Profits, Business, and Associations

 Please click on the link which represents your organization below. 

NON-PROFIT  –  Annual Basic Membership $100.00

  • Create your own nonprofit member page.
  • Receive donations from our members that have chosen your nonprofit to share when they make a purchase.
  • A chance to be entered in our Featured Members campaigns- receive VIG &TGC’s promotional shared portion of funds from doing business with the world- nonmembers, for such campaigns.
  • You may choose to link donations directly to your site or via our processing.
  • Have your entire site on our platform. Hosting included.
  • Free Advertising in our Members Advertising Cache.
  • Contract an event or promotional campaign for your nonprofit.
  • Participate in the Members Power Sharing Pool when you also join as either a Full Access or Gold Standard member.
  • See terms and conditions pertaining to Victory memberships.

BUSINESS – Annual Basic Membership Application Fee $100.00

  • Business Memberships will be divided by the type of business category which they operate in.
  • The category types being: (a) Mining and Farming (b) Manufacturing
  • (c) B2B, B‐B2C, B2C Internet or Brick (d) Original Arts and Creations
  • (e) Services, Associations, MLM, and Groups
  • A Business Membership profile page and or store.
  • Be placed in our free advertising quiche and search.
  • Business members may utilize different services, tools and may custom tailor their needs with VIG and or one of its affiliated businesses. Additional fees and charges apply.
  • Automatic enrollment in our B2B Market Place when it is rolled out.

Associations, Churches, Synagogues and qualifying Groups  – Annual Basic Membership Application Fee $100.00

  • Earn additional revenues by starting your own giving cycle when your members make purchases via our platform.
  • Many of the same benefits and features as our Non-Profit and Business Memberships utilize.
  • Participation from our monthly payouts from Members Power Pool and Members Monthly Payout pool. *Read about our terms and conditions regarding our payout rules for members pool and group payouts.
Level Price  
Basic Membership - $1.00 per Mo. - $12.00 annual - $12.00 now and then $12.00 after 1 Year. Select
Full Access Monthly- Students, Retirees, Disabled, Job Seekers $0.00 now and then $25.00 every 30 Days for 12 more payments. After your initial payment, your first 30 payments are Free. Select
Gold Standard - Membership $0.00 now and then $25.00 every 30 Days for 12 more payments. After your initial payment, your first payment is Free. Select
VICTORY Membership - Non-Profits, Businesses, Associations, & Groups $100.00 now and then $100.00 after 1 Year. Select