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The Giving Cycle™ Privacy Policy

We respect all of our members' privacy and the information they share with us.

At Victory In Giving, LLC, we shall have two groups that will differ based on which group or which part of our services a person utilizes.

First, let us mention that we will do our upmost to protect your privacy when you are on our servers and site. We shall not sell any paid member's information. We shall ask for prior approval if we are needing any information, from a paid member, wishing to utilize a service or product which we offer via a third party.

We shall not store any credit card information on our site.

It seems that in the United States, privacy almost doesn't exist anymore. Between hackers breeching businesses and their sites, and our government having their reasons for invading our privacy, allegedly for our safety, one is left to wonder, "What privacy do we have left"? Also, as relates to mobile applications, if you don't click to approve all of their gathering of information on you, then you are not allowed to use said App. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and many more, do not allow their use unless one agrees to their terms, which many times leaves one with very few rights, if any at all; device-wise and personally.

It seems that "Free" has a cost on the internet. How have Facebook, Google, and so many other web-based companies been able to become prosperous while giving you their services for Free? The simple answer is, "It isn't for free"! For all the information that you give them freely, they are thereby able to monetize that information by selling it to others, whether they be advertisers or some other company looking to utilize certain aspects of your actions or information. Some people are happy to give up their privacy for convenience. It is true that many of the services these companies provide can make our work, shopping, and other online activities much more easily accessible and convenient.

The two groups which we shall differentiate between shall be paid members and non-paid members. We will never monetize (sell) the information of paid members. We will, therefore, offer all of our paid non-profit and business members free advertising within website. Our paid members will be given the same cyber protocols for when they log off and leave our site and servers. That is to say, there will be no electronic tracking nor cookies attached to their session. When one clicks onto a link which is associated with one of our affiliates who may showcase their products or services on a site other than our site, then one may expect some form of software being utilized which will track one's movements to that site. This will allow VIG, the ability for acquiring verification, so if any purchase is made, we can know and use such information to credit a member's account. Many Apps and software have the need to gather certain information from the device or one's account in order to perform the functions one expects to utilize. We shall do our best to deactivate any such tracking when a paid member enters our site via their paid membership account. We shall also work on implementing pop up information of when one may have such gathering of information or when one maybe leaving our site in order to go onto an affiliate site. Tracking is then needed in one form or another when involving affiliate sites. We hope to allow our paid members access to their own information such that they may then choose to delete such information at scheduled intervals. With much of today's web based sites and technologies being based on "The Cloud" it may be more difficult to delete all of one's information, due to different servers located in many locations and duplicating the back up of such information. However, we shall work on trying to make it possible for a paid member to be able to erase such information during scheduled cycles, except their basic personal information, which is needed for VIG to maintain one's account.

Non-Paid members will, also, have their personal information protected. Their credit card information will NOT be kept on our servers. Free memberships will receive the same discounts offered by VIG or from member businesses or affiliated businesses. Cash rebates will not be paid out to non-paid members utilizing our site. Also, paid advertising will be shown on their free membership page. VIG will require basically the same terms of service regarding usage and one's personal information and privacy that you could expect from Amazon, Facebook, Google or Twitter. Your credit card information shall NOT be stored on our servers.

Information We Collect

The basic information which we will collect from you will be mostly just that which is required to set up your account. Basic information such as name, email, phone number, gender, state, country, IP Address and device information will be needed so we can create your member profile page. We desire that all our paid members volunteer any other information based on the type of interests, service, product or feature we may offer.

Information You Give Us

Since we offer Cash Rebates, and share contributions to our members from Victory In Giving's sales to non-members, when paid members earn the set amount which the IRS has established, then at that time, a member would have to volunteer and provide us with the additional information needed to fill a 1099 form. For a paid member's annual contributions which they provide to the charities and causes of their choice from their purchases, then if one wanted the credit for same, the same or additional information would be required. We will not give anyone or government agency any information, other than that which is required by law or warrant. We believe in an individual's right to privacy, not for one to do evil, but because it is a God given right and part of American's Constitutional rights.

Some of our services will be provided by third party companies. In those instances, a member, if desiring to use such services, would provide the third party such information as is required by that third party. We would not have that information on our servers, but only a link for when a member desired to use certain features, etc.

Because we are a community where each member is part of the Giving Cycle Business Model, and we allow members to be able to interact with each other, we have set standards for openness and transparencies required for all parties involved. We believe that honesty, and being able to know who you are entering into any agreement and/or exchange with is of upmost importance. All parties should be known to those who participate in such arrangements. Privacy shall be kept from others, but we shall have access to know via electronic data, which individual(s) and or business(s) took part in an activity related to our site. This is both for safety and protecting people from scams, rip-offs, etc. This information shall not be sold nor offered if no crime has been committed. In order to comply with the type of transactions mentioned, we require a ID Verification from a third party company whom VIG designates to perform such service. When a member has accepted ID Verification, it shall be noted on the member's main profile pages. This will build trust in knowing that one may feel better about interacting with another member in The Giving Cycle website. Such information may be requested (in writing) if one or more of parties involved in such transactions believe one has been scammed or a crime had been committed. Certain incidents may require review by our legal department or attorneys, but we do not play the role of an arbitrator nor court. We reserve the right to suspend or freeze any account without notice or reason.

Device information

See the "Information we collect" and "Information you give us" sections.

Log information

Our goal is to dispose of all unnecessary information which is not related to your basic main member profile page, charitable contributions, cash rebates, interests and shopping history.

We will provide you will the ability to save, store or delete information. You may save and store such things as articles, favorites, links, pictures, videos, contacts and emails which you desire to keep stored on our servers with your membership.

We are not interested in keeping a long term log on which pages you view on our site. Such information will be deleted by our IT Department in a reasonable time frame set by VIG and its IT Dept.

Other information from any other feature or service we offer or any third party which you and or VIG choose, if needed, shall be stored on our servers, if needed or determined, to comply with the use and features VIG and or you have chosen.

Internet Protocol Address

We will store your IP address to help identify you on our site.

Cookies and third party technologies and analytics

When you Log-Off of our site, we prefer not to have any cookies place on your device or computer. Any person visiting our site from outside of the United States shall not have any cookies or tracking placed on their device or computer once they leave or log off our site, with the exception of when one travels to an affiliate site via a link within VIG's or The Giving Cycles website.

By not placing any cookies on your device or computer, you the paid member, shall have to first sign in via our company's landing page and sign in with your password. You may choose other forms of secondary verification for your security. Once doing so, allows you to proceed to your member page.

We desire to also allow software to dislodge any and all other third party cookies, malware or tracking you may have on your device or link when you are signing into our site.


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