About The Giving Cycle

Below, is a detailed video and textual explanation of what we are about. We fully believe that, after watching this video and reading the more extensive details below, you will fully understand our purpose, goals, and the power of The Giving Cycle. We invite you, thereafter, to join us, start your own giving cycle, and know you made a difference!


Welcome to Victory In Giving LLC and TheGivingCycle.org

We are glad that you have come to our site and hope you agree with the many benefits of starting your own Giving Cycle as part of Victory In Giving’s “The Giving Cycle”. We say this because we feature the World’s 8th Business Model “The Giving Cycle Business Model” -patent pending. Our model is designed to become self-sustaining when we reach a critical mass of members. We desire for it to benefit you, while allowing us, working together, to restore America’s Middle Class in a fair and more balanced manner.

This business model is NOT an MLM operation. It shall operate in a free market system, inclusive of the Share Economy and all seven business models in which all businesses are categorized. We hope that you have watched our videos which give you a general idea of what the giving cycle is about. The history and the actual business model diagram and Patent, on how The Giving Cycle business model works and came about, shall be revealed to our members first and made public on a later date.

We desire to become the hub that will bring people, non-profits, and businesses together. Utilizing two universal laws with Judeo-Christian principles within a free market economy will allow us to help restore America’s Middle class. We know that there are better solutions to the problems individuals, families, non-profits, and businesses are facing every day. We are setting out to monetarily enrich all three groups, without changing what each one normally does. By joining Victory In Giving, as a member one automatically starts their own giving cycle. The Giving Cycle is not just a business, for me (Nelson Parece); it is both a business and a ministry. We are a business that shall do the good, people normally wish businesses would do, but normally because of shareholders, a board of directors, businesses aren’t able to do the good which many citizens believe they could do. We are glad that business is becoming more socially aware of being able to share in bettering society by giving to causes that people and non-profits champion.

The Giving Cycle is made up of three main groups of members. Individuals and families receive their own social profile membership page, set their privacy choices within our site, go shopping, and receive CASH REBATES, discounts, and bonuses that we or our member or affiliate businesses provide.

We shall also begin to build a social safety net for our members and offer many services, many being free or at a low discounted group rate. Members will be credited cash payments to their accounts when Victory In Giving sells any Product or Service to non-members.

We desire to allow members to enjoy their own self-interests within our site. Also, one may look up the many causes and non-profits along with their rankings and choose who they desire to share a d\esignated portion of a product's gross markup. On each and every purchase they will be able to give to their favorite ministry, synagogue, one’s favorite causes, plus get a cash rebate and discounts on all products which one normally purchases. Other benefits and features will be implemented as we continue to grow.

For Non-Profits membership, we offer a new way in which you can receive contributions from our members for every good or service our members purchase. Non-Profit members receive free advertising and are able to post content and announcements regarding their organization and events. We desire to work alongside all three groups of our members. When Victory In Giving features a non-profit on the site, the featured member(s) will receive the set portion Victory In Giving contributes to non-profits from the sales to non-members for the length their non-profit is featured.

Business Memberships will be divided by the type of business category which they operate in. The category types being:

    • Mining and Farming

    • Manufacturing

    • B2B, B-B2C, B2C Internet or Brick

    • Original Arts and Creations

    • Services, Associations, Educational Institutions, MLM and Groups

Each will have a member profile page and will be able to submit advertising to be placed in our free advertising cache.

Business members may utilize different services, tools and may custom tailor their needs with VIG.

All members will be able to access a Help and Prayer line, participate in Problem Solving Inquiries, Feedback, and suggestions. VIG will offer participation in volunteering events. A member may create groups and or events of Interest for a determined set price. Communicate with other members via different formats. Many more services and features are available and shall be added as we grow.


We work to restore America’s Middle Class by using the Giving Cycle Business Model. This means helping you, no matter if you are an individual, family, group, team, church, synagogue, non-profit, or business. Everything which we will do with and for our members will be within the framework of “The Giving Cycle Business Model”. This model is a tool that can grow to become self-sustaining and thereby bring together the three things which can be used to create change in society; Power, Money, and People. Those are some of the things when brought together, can create positive change in a Nation. Restraints are also a consideration of how we shall implement the business model. There will be restraints on myself and for the designations and the distributions of monies paid out. Certain percentages and designations of monies will be shown and made known to company employees and VIG’s paid members. All aspects of monies within “TheGivingCycle.org” website shall be published for paid members via electronic posting of same at pre-determined times. The Giving Cycle Business Model is patent-pending and VIG will pursue any individual(s) or any company(s) who infringes on the same. We believe that we should be able to set the standard on how the giving cycle business model can be properly utilized and not abused. Having the time, that a Patent allows, will indeed give VIG, the time it needs to demonstrate the best rules and practices for using this model.

We are building a social safety net for our members so that no one falls through the cracks and becomes devastated thereby. We are striving to build this business so that it may help our generation and all future generations. We want to be there and be able to help when our members face a financial emergency (based on funds on hand for the same) or may need someone to pray with or to merely have someone close to them. We desire to do more than just coordinate help. We would like to empower our members who have the heart and compassion to reach out and help others. We are willing to hear or find a better way to overcome the obstacles facing America’s Middle class and their loved ones around them.

We plan not just to be an internet-based business, but one in which people work with and for the sake of helping other people in each one of our member groups.

Our goals are to:

    • Help prosper you and your family or business

    • Make available ways for you to earn real cash

    • Acquire more customers or clients

And, in the end, to help you bring together your ideas with ours and/or those of others who can help you achieve your goals and dreams for the betterment of our society and mankind as a whole.

Additional goals include:

    • Creating and/or putting in place better solutions to those ends above than those currently available in the marketplace

    • Bringing members, businesses, non-profits, and others together in order to come up with real solutions for our elderly, youth, families, homeowners, workers, communities, and all who desire a better and stronger America while being mindful that we all share this one earth

    • To utilize “the giving cycle business model” to assist in creating more and better jobs for those being displaced by today’s and tomorrow’s technologies

    • To utilize new technologies, which will bring about many changes, efficiencies, and benefits, such that they work for people and not against them

By working with the people and companies behind these technologies, we can help show that our business model is also beneficial to their industry, allowing them to become part of the bigger solution.

TheGivingCycle.org is a 501(c)(4) organization. Donations by individuals to TheGivingCycle.org are not tax-deductible. However, donations to the charities you choose to give to are tax-deductible. Donations by business owners or companies to TheGivingCycle.org are deductible as a business expense and donations to the charities you choose to give to are tax-deductible.