Vendor Terms & Conditions


Currently we are making available our market place to the type of sellers listed below.

We shall later build a market place for all other members, with the emphasis being Start‐Local.

• Those that may sell here are Manufacturers, all types.
• Miners and Farmers
• B2Bec
• Wholesalers, B2Bec, B2Cec
• Retailers with physical location(s)
• Non‐Profits
• Licensed Distributors for tangible and non‐tangible goods and services
• Creators of Original merchandise, physical creations and artworks
• Creators of intellectual property, tangible and non‐tangible methods, and services
We may solicit or be solicited for the sellers to utilize TGC’s platform.

All sellers have to offer some form of Cash Rebate, Commission, or Fee while selling on TGC’s platform.

    • All sellers must be first approved by TGC and or VIG.

    • All sellers must offer or be required to provide certain information.

    • The legal name of its business, EIN tax numbers, VAT, BN, ABN or Social Security numbers which the business operates under.

    • The physical location(s), mailing addresses, types of products and services offered.

    • Shipping methods used, form of payments excepted, invoicing terms and policies, guarantees and return policies and their terms.

    • Company contact person with proper contact information with authority to enter into such contracts.

    • Creating links to our Payments Processor and or affiliated links where needed.

    • Agreeing to make payments in accordance to TGC’s and Sellers policies.

    • Agrees to respond to inquiries within a timely manner or within 7 business days.

    • Sellers also agree that TGC may feature their products and or company on the TGC platform and in other promotional campaigns.

    • TGC will display National Retail Outlets Promotional Ads with a link to their
      companies site or within the platform.

    • TGC recognizes that one size does not fit all. Since The Giving Cycle business model requires that all its members begin a giving cycle by first starting their cycle of giving via a paid membership. The cycle continues by sharing from the markup, rebates, commissions of, all product and or service sold or rendered. This selling process repeating itself over, and over again.

    • It is in our, and hopefully in your best interest to work with each other in custom tailoring what maybe the best method(s) which will bring the best results in growing your business, allowing you to share from each sale made. We hope you may see
      the benefits of having free advertising on this platform where, payments are derived from services and goods sold and delivered. Other specified methods maybe used and agreed to, thereby giving you the maximum results desired.
      Sellers may utilize our platform with all its tools and software we provide for running their business on the TGC platform.
      The Giving Cycle is all about sharing, so that all its members can make a difference. A Business Member can create a membership even if they choose not to sell on the TGC platform. They may choose to be buyers and or be involved in manners which they choose in helping or volunteering along with other members.

TERMINATION OF SERVICES reserve its right to reject any applicant and take action against any account, content,that doesn’t comply with TGC’s Terms of Service or is violating the rules displayed within any section of the TGC site. It is the members responsibility to get familiarized with what is allowed and what is not allowed while using the TGC platform. Violations of our Code of Conduct and Common‐Sense Rules may be cause for the Termination of a members use of our site. TGC may terminate one’s membership on a temporary or permanent basis and at its sole discretion.